Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day

This will mostly be a post of pictures...

Van and Karis on Father's Day. Karis was asleep, but Van was excited!

K got Van headphones. That's what he asked her for. I wonder if it is so that he can drown out her crying....?

They were both worn out from a weekend on the lake.

Uncle Hunter and Auntie (Natalie) got K a cute bathing suit cover up!

She really was exhausted on Sunday!

The boys went cliff jumping. A great way to celebrate being a new dad, putting yourself in mortal danger! (sarcasm)

She wore her "I Love Daddy shirt" in honor of the day. I think both of their faces portray all of the sun and exhaustion. (Don't worry, K and I spent most of the day in the house since it was so hot!)

Happy First Father's Day Van! You are loved and appreciated!

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