Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A day in the life of Baby Girl

These are mostly pictures from Wednesday June 1, when I decided to document everything Karis does. I say mostly, because some are from other days, but it is a recreation of that particular day. Here goes:

Her day usually starts with Van feeding and changing her before he goes to work, then he brings her to me and we lay there for a while because well, neither of us seem to be morning people. This is her laying beside me in bed.

Then she sits in her bouncy seat while I take a shower. This sometimes includes music and singing. I took this picture to document how she will contort her head every which way in order to find me in the room when I'm talking to her. She knows who her mama is, and it is wonderful!
After eating again, she gets dressed for the day (not before eating because there is major spit up involved in a feeding, so rather than changing twice, she eats in her jammies), and then has tummy time (which she does not enjoy) or plays on her play mat (which she LOVES). She really likes to stare down the duck! When she starts to get fussy we sometimes read a book, which calms her down.

Sometimes we go visit Simon. On this particular day we did not, but sometimes we do.

On this particular day we had to go and rescue Van at his lunch stop because the car decided not to start. Karis was excited about that! Van was not. (Anyone know of a great vehicle, preferably a truck for an affordable price, we are in the market, as this sort of thing is becoming a regular occurrence.)
It was particularly hot that day, so after changing her diaper and recently spit-up on outfit, I decided to leave her in just a diaper. She was playing while I put away her laundry, and wore herself out, so afternoon nap was taken on the playmat that day.
Sometimes naptime looks more like this because in the afternoon she won't usually fall asleep on her own.

Then Van comes home and we eat dinner. Or on this night, I plant vegetable plants while Karis eats dinner.

Then we watch a little TV, have a bath,

She eats again, we swaddle her, and she goes to sleep. This picture is from a long time ago. We haven't taken a picture of her sleeping in her bed in a long time.
I know what a lot of you are thinking, "you still swaddle her?" The answer is yes. If we swaddle her, she will sleep for 8 or more hours. If we don't swaddle her, she will only sleep for about 45 minutes. I am nervous about when she gets too big to swaddle. Any ideas are welcomed!

And there you have it, a day in the life of Karis. I hope to get better at recording little things about our growing girl!