Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!

We were incredibly blessed when Karis arrived by many, many people who wanted to show us their support and bless us with gifts, a good portion of which were diapers. In fact we still haven't purchased a package of diapers except the very first one, which was before there was ever a baby in our house!

The only problem is that most all of the diapers were the same size and well, Karis is a growing girl. I opened what I decided was to be the last package of size one diapers because well, let's just say they aren't holding things like they used to.

Monday morning I went through our stockpile and discovered that we still had a significant amount of size 1s and only two packages of 2s. However I knew from growing out of newborns that you can just return the unopened packages to Walmart and switch them out for the size that you need. So I loaded up K and the diapers and headed to Walmart to fix the problem.

Upon arriving at the customer service desk we hid snag #1. Luvs make identical packages with different barcodes for the different stores. So even though package #1 looked just like package #2, Walmart wouldn't take it? Oh, giant corporations how you annoy me!

I did not lose hope though, because I figured I could just try Target, I mean most people probably shopped at those two stores right?

That was only snag #1. Snag #2 was that apparently I had worn out Walmart's good graces on returns this year. Yeah, who knew you could even wear out their good graces? Never mind that I had only returned a total of like $50 of stuff this year mostly of newborn diapers, I had made the dreaded 3 transactions and my driver's license had been black balled. Sad day. I can no longer take things back to Walmart until 2012. It just might change my shopping methods and I won't impulse buy anything there because I won't have the thought in the back of my head that if I regret it I can just return it. Sad, sad day!

They did "do me a favor" though and allow me to trade exact packages for exact packages in another size. So I traded a few and kept a few to return with Van to use his DL to return those brands that I don't love.

Next stop on the quest to return diapers was Target. They were actually much nicer and allowed me to return all that were from their store (again with the weird barcode thing) for any other pack of diapers of equal value. I left with an even exchange of packages of size 1 for packages of size 2 or 3 (because I don't want to do this again) in the brands that I like and I hadn't spent a dime. Exactly what I was hoping to happen at Walmart. When did Target and Walmart switch places.

Last stop was Babies R Us because I still had another package that wouldn't scan at either Target or Walmart. It was the best of all. I just told them what I needed and they just said. Go get the package that you want. End of story.

So all of that to say that what I had anticipated taking about an hour at the most turned into a whole morning activity, but at the end of the day I traded out a ton of diapers and still have yet to buy any...and shouldn't have to for a long time.

A GIANT thank you to all of our friends who blessed us with the unbelievable gift of not having to buy diapers. We greatly appreciate it!

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