Monday, August 8, 2011


Zach's mom made some incredible salsa for their rehearsal dinner. I have an obsession with salsa, so I of course had to get the recipe. Turns out that it was a packet. Perfect! So, Katie and I decided to spend an afternoon salsa-ing (while watching So You Think You Can Dance, ironically) Get it? salsa-dancing?

This was our first time canning and I'm really glad we used a package for the first time because I needed some step-by-step instructions. But we got the jars.

Made the salsa.

Put the salsa in jars and then sealed them. (Not long after taking this picture we realized we were doing it wrong and corrected.) I must say if I want to do this more often I'm going to need a bigger pot or pressure cooker.

Of course I forgot to take an after picture of all of the jars complete and labeled!

Karis missed all of the action and the hot kitchen by napping. She's getting really good at taking a long afternoon nap. It helps me to be more productive and/or schedule myself a nap.

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