Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 months

Yesterday Karis turned 5 months old. I cannot believe it. On one hand it feels like it can't possibly have been five months yet. On the other it feels like she has always been a part of our lives. Our sweet girl.

She started off her five month day by going on a run with Sarah, Simon, and me. Then we went into the church office for a little while to pick something up. She had lunch, took a nap, we had a photo shoot, then we went to Central BBQ and Jerry's Sno Cone to celebrate Kenzie's first day of school. By the time we got home it was WAY past her bedtime and she went right to sleep.

About our five month old:

She is beginning to prop herself up on her legs. She is very close to sitting up by herself. Her newest favorite thing to do is scream at the top of her lungs. It is really very cute, although if you are close by it does hurt your ears a bit. She thinks its the best thing ever! She very easily grabs onto whatever she sets her sights on and then those things go straight to her mouth. She is developing an opinion on her favorite toys and sometimes gets mad if she drops it or you take it away. She rolls from her back to her belly, but seems to have forgotten how to roll from belly to back. She is a very good eater. She has enthusiastically tried every food we've offered. She has five 6 oz. bottles a day with two helpings of food throughout the day (although she's beginning to act like that won't be enough much longer). She still spits up all of the time, and with the addition of food, that has become even more colorful and inconvenient. Lately I have begun to notice that Karis is very talkative and interactive when we are at home or it is just us, but when we are in a new place or among a large group of people she is quiet and incredibly observant. (Reminds me of myself) Her head turns from one way to the other and she stares at everything with unblinking eyes.

Just thought I'd document that she does in fact cry.

As far as an update on the adoption, yesterday was the final termination hearing, so now we just have to wait for the 6 month waiting period to pass before we can officially adopt her.


Sarah Autry said...

I can't believe how big she's gotten! She is so so so adorable.

Heather Ray said...

Enjoyed the update and the photos, especially the last one which was my favorite! :)

Laura said...

Okay, these may be some of my favorite pics of her ever. ESPECIALLY the first and last. Aghhhhhh I just want to kiss her cheeks!!!

Patrick and Ashley said...

Oh my! Oh my! She is tooo cute! Happy 5 month b-day, Karis! Kate and I are celebratin' for ya. ;) Kate squeals (more like screams) quite often. Sounds like what Karis is doing!!!! It is a happy scream and makes us laugh so hard. You are right...if she is up by my ear, it really, really hurts! We tell ourselves that we rather our ears hurt from happy squeals than from loud crying. :) Hope all is well your way! Be in touch! Would love to hang with you and K on a Saturday or something!

erin said...

She is so cute!! And Charlotte has also "forgotten" how to roll from her tummy to back but rolls back to tummy like a pro. It's the strangest thing!