Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Visit

Back in July (I CANNOT believe that it is already the second week in August.), Van's Aunt Karen and Cousin Katie came to visit. They were staying in Ripley along with Kasey and kids for the week, so they all came together to meet Karis.

In case you didn't notice all of the women in Van's family have K names. Just another reason Van knew I was the one for him. That and the fact that there was a Razorback room in my house the first time he came to visit. What more could he ask for.

Here are some pics of the afternoon. She is one loved little girl! A few notes as you scroll down, Karis, you will one day be as big or bigger than Caden and can get him back. Caden is 5 months older than K. Nana picked out K's bow. I think she's still a little small for the big flower, but it is pretty fun. And at the end...clearly, we wore her out. A fun day!

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erin said...

Man, she is so cute! I love that flower. That pic of Caden on top of her cracks me up.