Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Weekend

Yesterday was one of those rare Saturdays when we didn't have anything that we had to do.  Those only come around about once every three months, but we sure did cherish it.  We started the day with friends.  Their parents were setting up for our church's Easter service (at the Canon Center), so they came over to play.

Van set the tent up in the backyard to let it air out after someone had borrowed it.  I didn't know this needed to happen (I think maybe he just wanted to set it up), but Van is very particular about caring for his camping equipment!  You know, he is an eagle scout.  The kids thought the tent was just the best thing ever!

please ignore her hair, I didn't do anything to it until 4:00

K spent the afternoon napping, I made cookies and caught up on "The Voice" (by caught up, I mean, I am only through the battle rounds, so don't ruin anything for me, and I must say that the judges sent home several of my favorites....shame, and Christina, would you just wear a shirt?  Good grief!)  while Van spent some time on our yard, our very neglected yard.  If anyone wants to give us yard care, we would love it!  I'd pay in baked goods.  I'm pretty sure that if we didn't live in the 'hood, we would be booted out of the neighborhood.

We spent our evening at the Levitt Shell for the Drew and Ellie Holcomb Easter Eve concert.  We met several of our friends for a potluck picnic, and ran into so many other friends.  Apparently it was the place to be on Saturday night.  It was a perfect spring evening.  (I didn't really get many good pictures, but here are those that I did get)

K met her favorite singer/songwriter, Andrew Best

She enjoyed getting to hang out with Miss Abigail again

This morning we woke up excited to celebrate the Resurrection!  K didn't seem very excited though.  In fact we thought that her dress made her mad.  I say thought, because by this afternoon she had a fever, so maybe it wasn't the dress that was annoying her, but in reality she wasn't feeling well.  Poor girl.  Also poor girl because look at her Easter "basket."  Her mother is just too practical.  I couldn't bring myself to buy her candy knowing that I would be the one to eat it.  Van just isn't tempted by sweets, and I am trying to keep her from being addicted to such things, so I wouldn't give it to her either.  So, no candy.   And the "basket" is just a tub.  I got her this because I really want her to have a water table, but it seems silly to pay $30 for something that just holds water, so I got her a $5 tub.  Not only am I practical, but also cheap!  So her "basket" was a tub.  She did enjoy the grass though (completely impractical).  I'm sure she will think it is awesome when I fill it with water and let her play in it.

We headed to Easter celebration service where Van and I worked in the nursery.  We were in K's class with her.  She ended up wanting one of us to be with her the whole time.  Oy, this stage can be very frustrating!

After church we went to my parent's house.  She got a proper Easter basket that even had her name on it.  We had lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  K didn't partake of the egg hunting.  By that time she had a fever, so she just sat with Nana, while Van and I competed with my fam for the prizes.  We like to think of my parents egg hunts as K's college fund, but this year we did not bring our a-game.  Oh well, at least we have 17 more years to prepare, and next year she should be able to help us.

I love this shirt/bow combo so much that she will likely wear it once a week until she grows out of it

A few minutes after this picture, Van fell asleep and took quite the nap, right in the middle of the chaos.

By the time we got home her fever was up to 103 in spite of the tylenol in her system.  She and Van are both asleep now while I wait for time for her next dose.  It seems like these random fevers happen so often, but I'm pretty sure it is just my paranoia.  Hopefully she will wake up tomorrow feeling great.  And my apologies for all of those that we possibly infected over the past few days.

This past week we made a point each night to sit down with her Jesus Storybook Bible and read the Gospel story leading up to today, the resurrection.  It was a sweet time even if she was all over the place the whole time.  We hope, as she gets older, to introduce more traditions such as this in order to point our celebrations and our lives to Christ.

He is Risen!  He is Risen indeed!

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Patrick and Ashley said...

I got one of these shallow tubs this week for Kate to have some water play. Thanks for the inspiration. I love having another frugal friend...water tables are totally over-rated when you can get a $5 tub. :) Hope you all are well! Would love to hang soon!