Sunday, April 8, 2012

Catching up

Since I still have another 45 minutes before I can give K her tylenol and head to bed, I guess I'll just update the blog.

March 23 was "Gotcha Day" at our house!  Van took off work so that we could spend the day as a family.  The weather was great, so we took our lunch to Shelby Farms for a picnic, and a long walk.  I love that we were able to spend this anniversary together.

I cannot get a good picture of the two of us!

K loves to watch us brush our teeth, so I finally got her a toothbrush (for her 3 teeth).  It was quite the hit.  She gets so excited when I tell her it is time to brush her teeth.  Usually the end of tooth brushing time brings about tears.  At least she is passionate about oral hygiene.

I don't remember when specifically this was, but one day I really wanted to go to the zoo.  So, I got up, packed us a lunch and got us ready for the zoo.  Unfortunately when I got there I couldn't even see the entrance because of all of the school groups there, not to mention a parking space.  Because of our membership we can go to the zoo whenever we want, but can also be a snob about crowds and such.  We went back home and had our picnic in the back yard.

Please note the poor parts.  Parting her hair is HARD!  I'm getting better though. 
I LOVE this picture!

The blog has been quiet lately.  I have several big things going on in my heart and head that I will share in due time, but until then, we have pictures of our cute kid.

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erin said...

She is just so cute! Charlotte loves to brush her teeth too. It's really funny how excited she gets. This is a really fun age, isn't it?