Friday, July 6, 2012

From the Archives: Middle of SOS 2004

This one is kind of boring, but I like seeing my thoughts on SOS when I was in the midst of it--oh and the roof I was on--not super steep--not at all. haha


Hey everyone!  I'm still alive.  I am once again at the library and just thought I would update on what has been going on in my life.  Basically, I have had the most amazing 4 weeks of my life (I think its 4 weeks).  During staff week I was introduced to ideas that I had never really given much thought to such as people choosing to live in the inner-city as a ministry, and I was reintroduced to ideas like "God truly loves and adores me at great cost to Himself."  When you truly understand this idea, you can't go about life just like you normally would.  I also got to meet and get to know forty of the most awesome godly people on the face of the earth!  They have truly become some of my very best friends.

The first week with campers was a little hard.  One because it was my first week and I didn't really have a good grasp on what was going on.  I had trouble getting my adult leader to listen to me when I obviously don't have much experience roofing (Oh, that's what I have been doing).  Anyway, I learned a lot about myself and leadership and what not to do.  My kids were great though.  They were from San Antonio.  Pictures!

Last week I had a group from Cullman, Alabama and was pumped because they were hard workers.  The hardest part last week is that they just didn't get it.  They were just there to have fun and use power tools and no matter how hard I tried to get it through their heads they just didn't get it!  Then God showed me that I am not god and that only He can show them.  Thursday night I was at the end of my strength and He completely took over.  On Friday we are supposed to encourage each person on our team individually.  I truly feel like it was God's words that were spoken and not mine because I was broken about it on Thursday.  One of the girls came up to me later and what I had said went exactly with her situation, when I had no idea she was going through what she was.  It was awesome.  My prayer for the remainder of my life is that I will continually be without my strength and relying fully on God!  Pictures of that week

This week so far has been my best yet!  I have a team from Fayetville Arkansas  (GO HOGS!!).  Its just great.  My heart overflows with love for them and it is only Wednesday!  It has been really great because I was beginning to wonder how I was going to make it through the summer if each week was just going to be one hard lesson after another. 

I am working on the house of a family with 2 kids and a ton of grandkids that come over.  It has been sort of hard because they aren't very friendly and it has leaked 3 times now, so they are a little mad, but its just a lesson in that I am not doing it so that they will love me and sing my praises, I'm doing it to serve them and love on them regardless of how they feel about me.  We have been working on the mega-steep roof when it isn't raining (which hasn't been much lately), and we are replacing some of their ceiling and I reset the toilet.  That was gross, but I am so proud of myself!  Pictures of this week!  I can't wait to tell everyone all about it in person.  

One thing that I will say is this.  I have no idea how I am going to go about living my life normally after this.  You can take that how you will until I have time to explain it!

I love you people!

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