Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Warning---A Mom Post

I've been watching a lot of HGTV and spending too much time on the Crye Leike website.  It is actually so serious that when driving around town I like to point to houses and tell how much they cost.  Yes I have a problem!

What, you may be asking, is causing this discontent with our current home? There are many things about our house that I would change: lack of storage space (I currently just rid us of excess approximately once a month, not a bad habit), a small, ugly kitchen that at the very least needs a paint job,   old house=no insulation=cold house... I could go on, but I won't because it isn't healthy.

What is about to push me over the edge though, is that the only shower in the house backs up to K's room waking her up whenever anyone showers after 6:00 am.  This usually doesn't affect Van because he showers at 5:30, I think maybe because it is still dark it doesn't bother her, I don't know.   All I know is that it makes it impossible for me to wake up and get myself ready for the day before my child. (Yes it is impossible for me to get up before 6 because I have another problem: being a night owl.  It is physically impossible for me to go to sleep before midnight, most nights its even later than that.)

On the days when I don't shower (yes those days occur) she will sleep until 8:30-9:00.  It is beautiful.  I can wake up, eat breakfast, read, and basically get excited about her getting up all before she does.  On the days I need a shower, I try to get up before her, but inevitably when I'm all shampooed I hear my screaming child, so I shower as quickly as humanly possible, wrap a towel around myself and head to her room dripping and slightly frazzled (due to the screaming).  And since my baby needs to be cuddled for a minimum of 15 minutes upon waking I can either deal with the screaming while I dress and dry my hair or choose to forego the process of getting myself ready and once I do try to make myself look presentable, I have to try and keep her from eating the bathroom trash or other equally important things.

This also presents the nap schedule problem.  If she wakes up at 7, she is ready for a nap at 10 or 10:30, but if she wakes up at 9, she doesn't want a nap until 12.  This has all really only become a problem since she started crawling because I used to just put her in her bumbo on the bathroom floor while I showered.  Now that is for sure not an option.

Help!  Anyone have any suggestions that don't require adding on to our current house or moving?


Tasha said...

Haha! We have the EXACT same problem (our house is set up just like yours-bathroom in between). Lucky for me Steve doesn't go to work until almost 8, and by that time A is up so I can shower before he goes. But if I don't then it's a no-shower day. Have you tried while she's napping? I've found that if I get in the shower within 20 minutes of her falling asleep then it doesn't wake her up--any later and it's a risk! Oh parenting in a small house! Just think--at least she doesn't share a room with a four year old who wakes up at 5 to pee! I also sometimes shower at the gym when I'm done working out. Not the best but it works.

Nikki said...

I agree with Tasha about trying to shower within 20 minutes of her falling asleep. I can do that with Joshua.. and it doesn't wake him, but if I wait until very far into his nap and it disturbs him. Or- do you have an exersaucer/bouncy thing for her? Joshua would sit in his "jump-seat" and play while I showered. I still cleaned myself quickly, but at least it didn't wake him up. It wasn't the over-the-door jump thing, it was free-standing. You could also just move the highchair to the bathroom- so you could see her, and let her snack on some puffs.. do any of those sound doable?!?!

Ashley said...

I gotta just say that it's good to know that I'm not the only one with no shower (or wait to shower till Stu gets home---which hardly seems worth it) days. Miriam can't crawl yet---but it's questionable whether or not I can leave her while she's awake---I've done the carseat in the buggy in the bathroom thing----and sometimes she's content to check herself out in the mirror---but sometimes---not so much. I try really hard to get up early enough to shower before she wakes up---because her nap times are unpredictable---sometimes twenty minutes--- sometimes two hours. She does her own thang. :) Still---I'm a night owl too---I LOVE the middle of the night hours---you know until the 6:00 am wake-up call that is. Anyhow---no really good advice here. Just wanted to say it's good to read I'm not the only one. :)

the Jacksons said...

My only advice is to shower at night. The only time I can shower in the morning is when Brian's home to keep Caden occupied. So if he has to leave before I can get in the shower, it's over. Yep, I've gone to work without showering OR doing my hair. But the ladies seem to understand...or pretend to so that I don't cry! It's easier when they get older. I can leave Kenzie in the living room eating breakfast or watching a cartoon while I shower, but she's 4. Lucky for you, you can let your hair air-dry and it's STILL gorgeous!!