Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Remembering Valentine's past

In the past few years I have definitely mellowed out about Valentines Day.  As a teenager/pre-married person I had great visions of V-day being so romantic and special every year.  Flowers, chocolate, dressed up dinners out, etc.  I must say I'm glad I've let go of those expectations.

The letting go started 6 years ago on the first V-day that Van and I were interested in one another.  He had called me every night for two months, but it wasn't official that we were an item.  We hadn't even seen each other in 2 months, but I assumed that we were kind of dating. I thought it was an acceptable assumption since he called EVERY night at 9:00 (that is when my unlimited minutes kicked in, oh the old days).  The big day, Feb. 14 came and all that arrived was a facebook message that said something like "Happy card company conspiracy day."  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

This year I woke up to roses (so sweet) and a diet coke (because he knows me).  I made his favorite dinner, and we put K to bed early so that we could actually eat it and have a conversation at the same time.  It was nice.

According to my expectations of old, it would have been a little disappointing, but I wouldn't have traded it for a big to-do.  We have found the comfortable middle ground of Van's altogether avoidance of the day and my over-the-top celebration.  Marriage is sweet that way, the mingling of two very different people to make a family.

Happy Valentine's Day from the Thompsons

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the Jacksons said...

Awww! Its Karis and HER Valentine! Brian and I have found a good middle ground too. This year we said we were only getting a little something for the kids (saving money on this commercial holiday). However, Kenzie won a remote controlled helicopter at the school's fundraiser drawing and so she decided to give it to her daddy. He was so surprised and loved it!