Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful--Nov. 15

Our 8-month-old.

Isn't that crazy! She spent the day feeling pretty crummy. She has a low grade fever, runny nose, and a serious cough. Means she just wanted to sit with mom all day. There are worse things in life than your baby needing you, but the reason was just sad.

A little about her right now:
She is a chunk! She is ticklish--and laughs and laughs when you tickle under her arms. She now says da-da-da and na-na-na, but still doesn't know what she is saying. She is getting better at eating puffs and is still a master of the cup. Anything with much texture makes her gag. She can get up on all fours and rocks, but still doesn't go anywhere. She is grabby! Just yesterday she broke her first plate. I was sure that she couldn't reach it, but I was wrong. Its getting hard to change her diaper...she's a wiggle worm.

I'll upload pictures later...I'm too lazy to find the camera...

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