Monday, May 9, 2011

We had a yard sale...

Or maybe I should say the Lord had a yard sale, because there is no other way to explain what happened.

We had been planning to have a adoption fundraising yard sale for a while now, but it ended up being scheduled the weekend after Baby Girl came home. We decided that wouldn't work. A few weeks ago some sweet friends offered for us to just join them in their sale.

This past week was spent sorting and organizing what more families than I can count had donated to us. On Thursday morning we began setting things out and by Thursday afternoon, we were selling. We had to turn people away so that we could finish organizing for Friday. On Thursday alone, when we weren't even supposed to be open, we raised $3,000. Thursday night it rained and most things got wet, but that didn't deter shoppers and the Lord raised another $5,000 on Friday. Saturday it rained again, but again the Lord showed how big He is by giving us a total of $11,200 for the weekend. We were exhausted, sunburned and overjoyed! Praise be to God from whom all blessings flow!

These are Friday morning, and give you a picture of just how much stuff we had.

We raised enough to finish paying for our adoption and the other two families made a pretty good dent in their fundraising efforts.

What a beautiful picture of the gospel and what God can do when we give him our 'junk.'

And this is a picture of Baby Girl on Mother's Day, just because she is so cute!

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Crystal Kitten said...

so great! Happy belated Mother's Day, Kristin!