Monday, April 4, 2011

And now there are three...

Three in our family. Well, I guess really 3 1/2 because we have to count the dog.

We have a daughter. On here I will call her baby girl because I'm weird about privacy stuff.

Isn't she beautiful. Yes, she is dressed very girly. It surprises me too. I am kind of against using your baby as a dress up doll, but she is just too cute!

The adoption story will come in a later post, but right now I will just give you an update on where we stand legally.

We are her guardians with the intent to adopt. Her birthmother's rights have been terminated. Her birthfather's have not, but we are not really concerned about that right now. It is just a matter of waiting (isn't that the theme of adoption?). So right now we are waiting on the birthfather's rights to be terminated, then in six months, we can legally adopt her.

It has taken so long to put this up simply because we were keeping it quiet until the birthmother's rights were terminated, and since then, we have been busy feeding, changing, sleeping.

Apologies if this is poorly written and doesn't make much sense. I have baby brain (aka, sleep deprivation).

Stay tuned for the full story. I promise it's a good one!

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