Monday, January 16, 2012

9 Months (a full month late)

Its been so long and she's changed so much, but I'm trying to remember just what she was like.

She was adorable, that I'm sure of. She wasn't crawling yet, but liked to pull up on things; only to her knees. Still said "dada" and "nana" and "baba" but no "mama." ITs killing me!

She greeted people with a scrunch of her nose that looked like she's smelling something stinky, but I'm pretty sure she thought she was smiling. She screamed a lot!

A few weeks before she had gone on strike from eating anything from a spoon except yogurt. I mentioned it to the doctor at her 9-month check-up and he suggested that maybe she was just tired of baby food. When we got home from her appt. I gave her some real food and she loved it, eating an entire slice of turkey, slice of cheese and a few crackers. Since then, she has preferred her green vegetables and breads or crackers and now refuses yogurt too.

At her 9-month appt she very much enjoyed the mirror. I'm sort of considering mirroring her room. Okay maybe not, but she would love it!

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